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Maximum Capacities:

  • Stations/endpoints: 48
  • Trunk capacity: 31

  • Trunks supported:
  • Voice lines, T1 (fractional)* and voice over sDSL

  • Messaging:
  • Auto attendant, call routing and messaging via two options: PARTNER Voice Mail and PARTNER Messaging. Unified Messaging available with the latter.

  • Phones:
  • Avaya offers a wide range of 6, 18, and 34-button phones, attendant consoles and TransTalk wireless handsets.

  • All PARTNER phones are fully functional on the Avaya MERLIN MAGIX system.
  • Accessories:
  • Easily connect a wide range of accessories and adjunct devices without adding more phone lines.
Five ways PARTNER ACS keeps it simple:

  1. Easy call management. PARTNER ACS was designed so it is easy for everyone to manage calls. Red and green indicator lights on PARTNER phones make it easy to handle incoming calls even during the busiest times. Backlit display sets allow you to make full use of incoming Caller ID (no need to invest in special Caller ID modules or display units).

  2. Easy wired, wireless and messaging connections. Take advantage of all of the PARTNER system’s capabilities at your desk, or when moving around your business with a full-featured Avaya TransTalk® wireless phone. Have calls ring simultaneously at your desk and your cell phone. Access voicemail and e-mail from anywhere, via PC, phone or laptop.

  3. Easy system growth. Adding more lines or stations is easy—just add more plug-in cards, and connect the new lines and stations. With a starting capacity of 5 lines and 9 stations, the PARTNER ACS R7 Processor is ready to meet your needs right away and to set the stage for future growth. When it’s time to upgrade to a future system software release, it’s all done through PCMCIA cards. Many applications, like PARTNER Voice Messaging, come on plug-in cards.

  4. Easy to add accessories. The PARTNER ACS supports enhanced tip/ring connectivity, so a wide range of adjunct devices can be easily attached to the system — such as fax machines or credit card readers— ensuring that the PARTNER system can meet a host of business needs.

  5. Easy to administer. Any user can easily administer the system through simple commands on their PARTNER phone. The entire PARTNER ACS can be configured or reconfigured with a PC, even from an off-site location. This saves the customer from having to schedule and participate in an on- site visit for administering the system. The PARTNER ACS also provides a second serial port for PC administration and built-in system-wide backup & restore functionality. This can prevent lengthy downtime if service issues arise.


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