The ICN Process
Technical Assessment, Network Design Services, Cost Analysis, Contracts & Ordering, Project Implementation, Life Cycle Account Management, Network Management Tools


Wide Area Networks, Voice, Data and Internet
ICN's agent relationship with major carriers allows us to provide our customers with the best telecom products, eliminate billing headaches, and save money.


Avaya Phone Systems

Data Communications Products
WAN products, LAN products, Wireless products, Maintenance & Warranty, more...


Field Service Group
WAN & LAN design/implementation, Premise Wiring (CAT3, CAT5, Fiber, Wire Management), Wireless Network design/implementation, Firewall/VPN


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ICNís Field Service Group has over 4 decades of technical expertise. From the legacy products of yesterday to today's world of IP applications, ICN FSG can help. ICN FSG can offer the latest in premise wiring technology, wireline and wireless LAN/WAN, IP bandwidth utilization and security.
ICN FSG are experts in WAN technology. ICNís core product is LAN to LAN (WAN) connectivity for enterprise business. Site to site or site to multi-site routing is natural bi-product. ICN has extensive expertise in routing and WAN bandwidth management. PPP, MLPPP, Frame-relay, are some of the WAN protocols ICN has extensive experience in. ICN will be sure your applications get from end to end. Please contact the Rochester, NY office for more information.
As the OSI reference model has taught us, the physical layer (layer 1) is made in part from our premise wiring or wireless. ICN FSG also deals extensively in switching (layer 2), and routing and multiplexing (layer 3-4). Your applications will run smoothly with ICN managing the physical layer and seeing it through to transport. Modern day networking has turned bandwidth into a hot commodity. You can always pay for more, but why not let us help you use state of the art control mechanisms to control the bandwidth you have? Switching technology can be the bandwidth control mechanism. ICN FSG can help design and implement control using VLANís, QoS, Cos, DiffServe and routing.
Premise Wiring
Network bandwidth requirements have increased with high demand IP applications. A high performance cabling system from ICN can meet that demand. Using fiber, 10-GbE copper, Cat 6, Cat 5 or Cat 3, ICN can design, install and maintain your cabling infrastructure for todayís networks while providing manufacturers application assurance for tomorrow. ICN FSG provides products from leading manufacturers like Hubble, Panduit, Leviton, and more.
ICN FSG can help the enterprise network leverage wireless technology. A secure wireless network can be used to add access to the internet for traveling venders (hot spots), extend the LAN to a mobile client, or even be used to connect LAN to LAN. Let ICN help you determine the best way to securely leverage wireless technology.

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