The ICN Process
Technical Assessment, Network Design Services, Cost Analysis, Contracts & Ordering, Project Implementation, Life Cycle Account Management, Network Management Tools


Wide Area Networks, Voice, Data and Internet
ICN's agent relationship with major carriers allows us to provide our customers with the best telecom products, eliminate billing headaches, and save money.


Avaya Phone Systems

Data Communications Products
WAN products, LAN products, Wireless products, Maintenance & Warranty, more...


Field Service Group
WAN & LAN design/implementation, Premise Wiring (CAT3, CAT5, Fiber, Wire Management), Wireless Network design/implementation, Firewall/VPN


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PAETEC Communications was founded in 1998 when CEO Arunas Chesonis and a core team of visionary executives recognized that existing telecommunications providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business -first-rate customer service. PAETEC was founded on the principle that extraordinary customer service is the essential prerequisite to financial success.
200 years of combined experience in telecommunications and information technology, PAETEC's executive team has crafted a dynamic corporate culture that emphasizes people as the essential corporate asset, and world-class partnerships as the foundation for long-term business growth. Visit Paetec's Web site.
Corporate Mission
PAETEC's corporate mission is to be the most customer and employee-oriented business in any market it serves.  This challenging objective has led to financial stability and profitability in a market that has otherwise suffered dramatic losses during the same time period.
People Are Our Priority
PAETEC has built its entire business around people - our customers, our employees, and our partners.  Our customer satisfaction rates speak for themselves, and are the direct result of a corporate culture that is absolutely dedicated to delighting our customers at every stage of the relationship, and at every point of contact.  At PAETEC, we foster a working environment that rewards enthusiasm, teamwork, individual initiative, and proper work/life balance.  Our partners are the gold standard in the technology sector, and permit us to provide our customer with the highest quality products and services available today.
Quality as a Way of Life
Telecommunications is an inherently complex business, and the value of precise quality control is difficult to overemphasize.  No small part of our success has been the result of our dedication to continuous quality improvement in our products, our processes, and our people, and we have the credentials to prove it.  All PAETEC internal procedures are completely ISO 9001:2000-certified to ensure consistent delivery of the highest level of service to our customers.  To further our commitment to quality, Six Sigma, a methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve operational performance is now being deployed throughout PAETEC.  As a result, our customers reap the benefits through consistent, superior service and reduced costs.

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