The ICN Process
Technical Assessment, Network Design Services, Cost Analysis, Contracts & Ordering, Project Implementation, Life Cycle Account Management, Network Management Tools


Wide Area Networks, Voice, Data and Internet
ICN's agent relationship with major carriers allows us to provide our customers with the best telecom products, eliminate billing headaches, and save money.


Avaya Phone Systems

Data Communications Products
WAN products, LAN products, Wireless products, Maintenance & Warranty, more...


Field Service Group
WAN & LAN design/implementation, Premise Wiring (CAT3, CAT5, Fiber, Wire Management), Wireless Network design/implementation, Firewall/VPN


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AT&T is among the premier voice, video and data communications companies in the world, serving businesses, consumers, and government.  The company runs the largest, most sophisticated communications network in the U.S., backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T Labs.
A leading supplier of data, Internet, and managed services for the public and private sectors, AT&T offers outsourcing and consulting to large businesses and government. Visit AT&T's Web site.
The company is a market leader in local, long distance, and Internet services, as well as transaction-based services like prepaid cards, collect calling, and directory assistance.

With approximately $40 billion of revenues, AT&T has relationships with about 50 million consumers and 4 million business customers, who depend on AT&T for high-quality communications. AT&T has garnered several awards for outstanding performance and customer service.
AT&T Business Solutions
Managing Risk
Today's networked economy offers great efficiencies, but it also exposes your business processes and applications to potential threats. How do you reap the rewards of technology while sidestepping the risks?
Enhancing Productivity
In business, networking is the central nervous system that keeps information flowing to the right people at the right time. An integrated networking solution can ensure that your customers, suppliers, and employees are "always on" and "always productive".
Managing Change
Globalization, consolidation, relocation, mergers, acquisitions, and migration to new technologies can all impact network operations. Change is continuous, requiring vision and preparation. Can your network evolve to support your future application requirements?
Improving CRM
Businesses that leverage technology to continually enhance the customer experience can increase revenue and productivity while decreasing costs.

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